Urban artist in decorative art



Joseph Harvey is fascinated by the diversity of the world around him. His interest in photography and urban art is characterized by a visual aesthetic that carries an imprint of both sensuality and realism. His explosive, colourful works invite the viewer on a journey rather than simple contemplation.


Entirely self-taught, he discovered the world of photography in 2010 during a six-month sabbatical in Europe. It rapidly became a passion. Joseph Harvey is constantly motivated by a desire to savour the emotion of each moment. In his photographic creations, he strives to transmit both a desire to, and a sensation of, stepping into an image through the use of depth and suggestions of movement that he emphasizes in works that deliberately magnify clichés. These images bring graffiti and outdoor murals to life. Attracted to aesthetics and purity, he hopes to freeze moments of escape with images that capture fleeting moments of ultimate freedom. Someone who marvels at everything he sees, he rediscovers the essence and inherent beauty in all things. His photographs are often modified, saturated, and transferred onto acrylic or metal panels.



An artist who is equally fascinated by the creation of textures, Joseph Harvey`s painted canvasses are crafted using high quality paper, acrylics, and resin. His works evoke sensibility, sensuality, and depth. The ultimate goal of his particular textural technique is to provoke a desire to touch. In addition, he often photographs fragments of his painted creations and prints the images on acrylic panels, granting an additional life to these works.





A member of the RAAV, the Organization of Visual Artists of Quebec



Translated by : Peter Poletti 

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