All united we stand againts homophobia, bullying and for suicide prevention



Our company was launched in May 2019 after a series of difficult life events. This project began as a form or therapy. It allows us to never give up, to maintain our hope, our strenght, and our courage while supporting the LGBTQ+ community.




 We offer products that are 100% all natural, organic glycerine-based, using essential oils and all natural organic fragrances. Our soaps are handmade using certified 100% natural products. Ingredients we use include fruit extracts, coconut, aloe vera and hamp. We feature hand soaps and soaps for the body.




 As people who have been personally affected by bullying, homophobia and depression we have pledged to donate $1.00 from every sale to organizations that fight homophobia, bullying and for suicide prevention.


Gabrielle Harvey and Joseph Harvey, founders of LOVE The Soaps





Watch our launch soon...